Naval Decoy IDS300

Ship Deployed Floating Naval Countermeasure

Airborne Systems IDS300 anti-RF missile corner reflector naval countermeasure  is a ship-deployed, passive radio frequency (RF), anti-missile countermeasure, designed to defeat even the most up-to-date developments in anti-ship RF missile seekers. It can be used in seduction, distraction, confusion and signature management roles, and is particularly suited to littoral operations. Airborne Systems’ decoy system has a proven in-service record with a number of NATO members’ warships, including the UK Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer.


Independent Rapid Response

  • Creates a ship-like return over time with a Radar Cross-Section (RCS) that varies on the sea surface similar to a ship’s pattern.
  • Achieves Radar Cross Sections (RCS) in excess of 500,000 m2 from a single decoy.
  • Launches regardless of ship speed/direction and wind speed direction.
  • Fires manually or integrate fully with the ship’s combat system.
  • Does not require the support of other countermeasures, such as jammers.
  • Designed and manufactured to meet customer specifications for performance requirements and fighting tactics.
  • Consistent radar reflector performance, regardless of the threat direction, bearing or azimuth
  • Does not interfere with other systems on the ship.
  • Resistant to chaff discriminators of modern ECCM missile seekers.
  • Capable against broad frequency, agile, coherent and LPI threats.
  • Suitable for use against supersonic and late turn threats.

Compact and ready for use

  • Stores ready for use in a low RCS launcher.
  • Typical ship fitment consists of 4 launchers, which are easily fitted to the ship with only 8 bolts and 1 electrical cable.
  • Requires minimal crew training, for an extremely low cost per life-cycle.

Naval decoy specification sheet download

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