Load Carrying Straps


Two simple load carrying strap assemblies that meet the need to carry heavy weight loads of various shapes and sizes for mass assault troop and free fall parachutists alike. The assembly fully encloses a parachutist’s equipment in a compact load. The cross-shaped arrangement of webbing straps is attached to the parachute harness. The quick-release buckles allow rapid release of the equipment on the ground and facilitate immediate operational use.


LARGE - Troop with loadCSPEP MK3 (Carrying Straps Personal Equipment Parachutist)

The CSPEP is a specifically designed carrying strap assembly that enables assault troops to jump with a load weighing up to 54 kg (120 lb). For versatility, it enables any shape load to be tied to the parachutist.


HAPES MK2 (High Altitude Parachutist Equipment Straps)

The HAPES is a carrying strap assembly specifically designed to enable free fall parachutist to jump with a load weighing up to 100kg (200 lb) in HAHO and HALO operations.






A very simple method to carry heavy loads

  • Contain equipment in a compact load with the use of the carrying straps or the option of a wrapping sheet, depending on the type of load being carried.
  • Carry a personal weapon using the weapons sleeve, retained by the carrying straps and typically positioned on the side of the equipment load.
  • Hold the equipment load to a parachutist’s leg before and during the exit maneuver. The leg restraint strap is automatically released when the equipment load is lowered.
  • Release and suspend the load below the parachutist prior to landing or in an emergency situation using a one-handed, single action mechanism.


CSPEP Mk3 Technical Data

NATO Stock Number


Part Number

MRI GQ 1796

Maximum Gross Weight of Packed CSPEP

54.4 kg (120 lb)



HAPES MK2 Technical Data

NATO Stock Number


Part Number

MRI GQ 2055/IGQ1283

Maximum Gross Weight of Packed HAPES

90.7 kg (200 lb)


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