Hung-Up Parachutist Release Assembly

In the event of a parachutist or his equipment being entangled in the parachute static line (also called retaining strop) outside the aircraft, the HUPRA release assembly can be deployed rapidly to free the parachutist and enable his descent. A rapid reaction is essential to prevent injury to the parachutist and damage to the aircraft. Airborne Systems HUPRA is the sole solution specifically engineered to release a hung up parachutist without the need to use the aircraft mechanical winch for recovery.

A Recovery System

The HUPRA consists mainly of a second parachute that can be attached to the aircraft anchorage cable via the cable assembly and snap-lock connector and enable the release of the fouled line. The recovery parachute is a highly-engineered, critical emergency parachute. This Aeroconical™ Type 5000, which is also used on ejection seat systems, has a canopy diameter of 21.3 ft (6.5m). The assembly is comprised of a 10 ft (3 m) extension strop, a snap-lock connector assembly and a 3.58 m (11 ft 9 in) steel wire cable sub-assembly.

LARGE - HUPRA in position


  • Carry the assembly in a quick opening, distinctive red nylon carrying bag easily accessible to aircrew.
  • Attach and operate the HUPRA by a single dispatcher.
  • Use in large and small military aircraft.



Technical Data

NSN No.:


Part No.:

MRI GQ 1617

Maximum drop Altitude:

25,000ft (7620m)

Minimum drop Altitude:

800ft (245m)

Maximum recovery all up mass:

500lb (227kg)

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