Fast Rope Extraction Systems


Originally designed to meet UK MoD requirements and now used by special forces worldwide, this fast rope extraction system (FRES) enables rapid, safe extraction of ground troops by an assault helicopter, such as the Chinook, without landing.


LARGE - FREs on rope


  • Supports up to 8 fully-equipped personnel thanks to a rope with a minimum breaking force of 74.65 kN.
  • Manufactured to order in custom lengths.
  • Can be used with any suitable attachment fitting depending on the aircraft requirement.



  • Two rope options are available: either black 8-plait rope in 45mm diameter, or white standard rope in 11mm diameter.
  • Rope eye splice for attachment to the helicopter or TIES frame accepts attachment point of 50mm diameter minimum.
  • Troop attachment loops made of a 12mm diameter, multi-plait nylon are fitted onto the main rope.
  • Optional lanyards, 3.1 m (10 ft) long, fitted with karabiners at each end to enable troops to retrieve loads from the ground.



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