Selected as the system of choice for the U.S. 10,000 lb Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System (JPADS 10k) program, the Dragonfly® is a fully autonomous GPS-guided cargo delivery system. Featuring a fully elliptical ram-air parachute canopy, it has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to land within 150 meters of a designated Impact Point.



  • Using only Impact Point data, the Airborne Guidance Unit (AGU) calculates its position four times per second and continually adjusts its flight algorithm to ensure maximum accuracy
  • Has a glide ratio of 3.75:1 for maximum offset capability
  • A unique modular system allows the AGU to be charged while the canopy is being packed, enabling turnaround times of less than four hours between drops
  • Comes standard with Airborne Systems Mission Planner*
  • Compatible with the current U.S. JPADS Mission Planner (JPADS MP)
  • Can be rigged for extraction or gravity drop using a conventional G-11 style deployment bag with one standard release away static line

*The Airborne Systems Mission Planner is capable of running simulated missions in virtual operational environments when using terrain-mapping software.


The DragonFly® is part of a family of GPADS platforms developed and manufactured by Airborne Systems. The MicroFly®, FireFly®, and DragonFly® systems are capable of delivering payloads from 200 - 10,000 lb (90.7 - 4535.9 kg). Airborne Systems is also developing the MegaFly™ and the GigaFly™ which will increase the payload range to over 40,000 lb (18100 kg).  All operate with a common algorithm, user interface, and mission planner.  The packing methodology for all systems is identical, so little additional training is required to qualify riggers on different systems.


To download the product specification sheet, click below link



Payload Capacity: 4,900 - 10,000 lb (2222.6 - 4535.9 kg)

System Weight: 508 lb (154 kg)

Span: 100 ft (30 m)

Chord: 35 ft (10,7m)

Cell Count: 35

Opening Shock (Max): 4.5 g’s

Maximum Release Altitude C130: 24,500 ft (7468 m) 
Maximum Release Altitude C17: 17,999 ft (5486.1 m)

Minimum Release Altitude: 4,000 ft (1220 m)

Max Glide, L/D, No Wind: 3.5:1

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