Aircrew Restraint Harnesses

Developed to complement Airborne Systems range of aircrew equipment, the Aircrew Restraint Harnesses have been specifically designed to respond to the requirement for non-ejection seats used on military rotary and fixed wing aircraft, including gliders. They are designed to restrain aircrew during aircraft maneuvers and more importantly during a crash situation.  These are available as a four-strap assembly (Type Z) for fixed wing aircraft or as a five-strap assembly (Type RH) for helicopter use. Airborne Systems aircrew restraint harnesses are certified to restrict body movement when subjected to a crash deceleration force of up to 25g.


Airborne Systems aircrew restraint harnesses have been used in historical planes such as the Spitfire and Canberra bomber as more recently on the RAF Nimrod, Westland helicopters, Pilatus aircraft.


LARGE - Restraint on seat


  • Withstands crash loads up to 25g with 44 mm (1.75 in) wide nylon webbing strap assemblies constructed with a minimum breaking strength of 29 KN (6,500 lb).
  • Allows normal movement during flight via an optional inertia reel that will automatically lock during an acceleration in excess of 1.3g.
  • Prevents abdominal injuries through waist pads spreading the load over the greatest possible area.
  • Eliminates injuries caused by straps and buckles thanks to carefully positioning and adjustment to a maximum tightness without discomfort to the wearer.
  • Attaches to the aircraft strong point via an adjustable lap strap.
  • The central point of attachment is a lightweight quick-release fitting (QRF) that has been certified to tolerate an accidental blow up to 25g in either direction, without the release of the straps.
  • Uses metal fittings made in high-quality, corrosion-proof, non-magnetic alloys and finished in matt black to prevent reflection in the cockpit.


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